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The rock of Monemvasia, the “Rocky Ship” according to the famous local poet Yannis Ritsos, lies in the eastern part of the “first leg” of Peloponnese.

Monemvasia, «Gibraltar of the east», is full of history, with Byzantines, Venetians, and crusaders being its inhabitants along the centuries.

Today, the visitor may live the history in the castle with the narrow cobbled roads and the 40 byzantine churches, feeling that he is still in Middle Ages, as construction is fully regulated by the Ministry of Culture and thus maintaining the spirit of old times.

Coming from Athens by car (approximately 300 km) takes 3,5 hours. Most part of the distance (175 km till the city of Tripoli, shortly till Sparta) is through the highway (autoroute).

For visitors coming by car through Italy and the port of Patra, the distance from the port of Patra is also around 300 km and takes 3,5 hours.  Leaving Patra on the way to Athens, you will turn just before Corinth to take the highway to Tripoli and upon reaching Tripoli, you will need to turn to Sparta, from where there is continuous signaling for Monemvasia.  Again, most of the distance and more specifically from Patra till Tripoli is a highway (approx.180 km).

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Sites / Proposals

Upper Town . Acropolis

The Upper Town is very interesting, as there are remains of many buildings of the Byzantine and later periods.

You may reach it by climbing the stairs, almost sculpted on the rock, and reaching the top of the rock, you may enjoy a panoramic view of the village of the Castle of Monemvasia.

You may find here the church of Agia Sophia, one of the most important monuments of Monemvasia from the Byzantine period.

This is an octagonal domed church, one of the few still remaining at a good shape in Greece.  It was built in the 12th century, originally devoted to Saint Mary Hodigitria, but after the revolution against the Turks, it was devoted to Agia Sophia, as it was considered as a copy of Agia Sophia of Constantinople.

The church is at the eastern tip of the rock, a location with spectacular view to the sea.

“Portelo”and the beaches

We propose to swim in the castle, reaching it through "Portelo", the exit to the sea, in a very short distance from the hotel. Swimming below the castle is a unique experience, as you may enjoy breathtaking view from the sea of the rock and the castle of Monemvasia.

For visitors that prefer sandy beaches, they may visit the beaches of Pori, Ampelakia and Kastela that are not far from the castle by car.


Also, the guest of LIKINIA Hotel, may enjoy the beauty of Elafonisos and Gerakas, through short day trips, always returning to the comfort of our hotel.


You may find Gerakas, a small fjord with nice fish taverns, 25 km from Monemvasia


Elafonisos, where you may swim in one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece and visit its fish tavern is only one hour by car from Monemvasia.